Dr. Hesham Moneer Ahmad



Dr. Hesham Moneer Ahmad

Specialist Dermatologist & Venereologist

Egyptian Medical Syndicate

Member of Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology Research team, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, March 2000
Member of:
Emirates Dermatology Society
International Society of Dermatology
Egyptian Medical Syndicate
American Society of Photobiology (2001)
Dermatosurgical skills
Electro-surgical treatment of viral warts, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratoses, dermatosis papulosa nigra
Cryotherapy for treatment of keloids and early skin tumors
Vitiligo surgery procedure such as mini grafts and split-thickness grafts
Intra-lesion injections
Phototherapy using narrow band UVB and PUVA for treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and skin lymphomas
Punch and shave biopsies
Cosmetic skills
Botox injection
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections
LASER surgeries
Dermaroller and Dermapen Techniques
Chemical peeling
Clinical and diagnostic skills
Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of skin, hair and nails
KOH-smear diagnosis for fungal infection of skin, hair and nails
Wood’s light examination for fungal infection and pigmentary disorders
Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
Prostatic smear collection and microscopic evaluation
Intra-corporal (ICI) evaluation of erectile dysfunction
Semen Analysis